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• 8 Reasons why your CV may be rejected


8 Reasons why your CV may be rejected

First impressions count, especially with a CV, especially in the highly competitive contact centre market. When your CV is in front of a hiring manager or recruiter, it will typically get between 10 and 30 seconds of ‘air time’ to impress, so don’t …

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Interview / Assessment ‘No Show’ – WHY?

It baffles us, a candidate applies to a position, we provide a lengthy screening call, we are honest about the expectations of the role, but also excited about the prospect of joining an organisation.…

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The Gender Pay Gap - A Cactus Insight

It’s always been an interesting subject in our business, with currently 54% of employees being female and 73% of Cactus employees having children or are just about to! and we are a business which is v…

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You got me at “Hello”!

In the ever-increasing quest for skills and talent it’s becoming vital that potential employers know how to engage with potential employees. You can usually tell fairly quickly if you have a candidate…

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Top 10 Awkward Interview Moments

Job interviews can be a terrifying experience, yet a memorable experience for the wrong reasons. We had an idea at Cactus HQ to publish our top 10 awkward moments from our candidates’ and a few from o…

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