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The most popular degrees in the UK - and why

When it comes to deciding which degree to take, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. Interestingly though, the most popular choices aren’t always the most employable.

According to Study in UK, the eight most popular degrees (in no particular order) are:…

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Keeping candidates interested ahead of an assessment day

When it comes to keeping candidates interested pre-assessment day, regular communication is key.

But what do you keep in touch with them about? And how often do you touch base? Both questions we’re …

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10 questions that’ll kill your interview

You’ve applied for a job that tickles your fancy. The company likes the look of your CV. They invite you in for an interview. Everything’s going swell. That is, of course, until you ask one of these k…

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5 Signs you could be putting candidates off your company

You advertised the job. You shortlisted the potentials. You got a decent turnout at the assessment day. But then things took a bit of a nose dive. Scratching your head wondering why? Well, if any of t…

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7 traits of a highly successful Contact Centre Team Manager


One of the most influential positions in any contact centre is that of a Team Manager and succeeding in this role is by no means an easy feat. It’s a pressurised, competitive and often unpredictabl…

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6 simple steps to keep your team engaged.

Engaged employees are invaluable for your call centre’s bottom line - but we know you already knew that. What’s not always as easy to know, remember, and maintain though, is how to keep your agents en…

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