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Keeping candidates interested ahead of an assessment day

When it comes to keeping candidates interested pre-assessment day, regular communication is key.

But what do you keep in touch with them about? And how often do you touch base? Both questions we’re about to answer.

Why contact is important
It work…

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“Your candidate left us and it’s your fault”…. the reaction of some hiring managers, the question remains is it fair to blame early attrition on your recruitment partner, (regardless of whether they are internal or external)?

We have placed…

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How to make your brand stand out from the crowd

Recruitment in the call centre industry can be competitive. If you want your business to thrive though, you need creme de la creme employees to get you there. But, with so many businesses vying for th…

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A guide to organising an effective assessment day

Assessment days are an increasingly popular and effective tactic used to recruit call centre talent – but only if you get them right. So, to help you get the most out of your next (or first!) one, we’…

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The Emergence of a New Contact Centre Agent

With service being a key differentiator for many organisations wishing to attract and retain their customers it’s now more important than ever that organisations reach their customer, quickly, effecti…

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8 Reasons why your CV may be rejected

First impressions count, especially with a CV, especially in the highly competitive contact centre market. When your CV is in front of a hiring manager or recruiter, it will typically get between 10…

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