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• 8 Reasons why your CV may be rejected


8 Reasons why your CV may be rejected

First impressions count, especially with a CV, especially in the highly competitive contact centre market. When your CV is in front of a hiring manager or recruiter, it will typically get between 10 and 30 seconds of ‘air time’ to impress, so don’t …

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First Impressions

We no doubt all have one of those cringeworthy, “get me out of here” interview moments that just stick in our mind and bring us out in a cold sweat when we are asked to relive them.

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Work Life Balance

As a child I remember holidays with my parents where work never impeded our holiday (apart from the odd occasion of searching various towns in France for a fax machine), it was never discussed, it was…

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Employee Benefits – What Really Works?

It’s an all-too familiar recruiting scenario: You’ve found a qualified candidate that you hope to hire. Everything seems to be a go.....until they decide to go with another position. They turned down …

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How to nail the behavioural interview

Take a blank piece of paper and write down between 10-20 examples from your education, work experience, community work, charity etc. of where you added value in a positive way. Now using the STAR form…

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