10 Games Guaranteed to Shake up your Office Christmas Party!

10 Games Guaranteed to Shake up your 2017 Office Christmas Party!


10 Games Guaranteed to Shake up your Office Christmas Party!

Important tips when choosing office party games

  • Make sure they have universal appeal and everyone is comfortable and able to take part

  • Always start with an icebreaker, so even the most reluctant will play. Also make sure the game that follows flows naturally from it. That way, people will still join in.

  • Avoid gift exchange game or white elephants, which both take too long to complete. They’re not very engaging either.


  • Ice Breaker - Laughing Game - Have everyone stand in a circle. Each player takes it in turns to say “Ha ha", “Ho ho" or “Hee hee". Anyone who starts laughing is knocked out. Keep the game going, until one person’s left.

  • Eat the Biscuit - Sit down with a round biscuit placed on your forehead, without using your hands move the biscuit to your mouth and eat!

  • Desk Thief - Steal one item from each person’s desk, then display them at your party. Now everyone must work out which item belongs to who. Great way to brighten people’s spirits.

  • Couples Who Am I - Write out the names of each half of famous couples or pairings, on its own Post-It note. Stick a Post-it to each person’s back. Now circulating the room, they search for their other half, asking only ‘Yes/no’ questions about who they are.


  • Famous Lines - Write out a list of quotes from well-known movies, e.g. “To infinity and beyond" (Toy Story). Cut up the list and shuffle in a bowl. A player then pulls out a slip, reads it out and everyone guesses. Whoever guesses the most wins. To up the stakes, award extra points to those who can name the character and actor/actress who said the line.

  • Death by Winking - Every player gets a piece of paper — but one gets the paper with ‘M’ on it (for murderer), another for ‘D’ (detective). The rest are marked with ‘V’ (victim). The detective must find the murderer, who starts “killing" by giving their target a subtle wink. Victims should die, as soon as you’re winked at. The game ends, when the murderer is found. The fastest detective wins the entire game.

  • What Lie? - Give everyone a minute to write down two true personal facts – and one that isn’t (the lie). Each person takes it in turn to read out their statement. As they do so, the rest of the team votes on which one they think is the lie. The person with the least number of votes for their lie wins. If your team is large, break into smaller groups. Have the winners of each compete in a winner’s final.

  • Guess Which Movie - Cut up a list of several well-known movie titles. Shuffle the pieces in a bowl. Pair everyone, then choose the first pair to start. This pair pulls a paper from the bowl and acts out a scene of the movie written on it. Make sure they do so silently; no words or sounds allowed. Everyone else has to guess the movie. The winner then takes their turn, with their partner. And so on. The game ends when all the pairs are done.

  • The Statue Game - Make sure to explain the rules, before people begin. one person is chosen to be the statue. At a certain point during the party, this person turns into a statue, in the middle of whatever they were doing. As people start noticing, they too become statues. The last person to notice becomes the next statue. Great fun, especially when people turn into statues in the middle of talking.

  • Opposites - The goal of this office party game is for players to do the opposite of what you ask them. For example, you say “walk", then they should stand still. Or, you say “crouch", and everyone should stand up. Anyone doing what you do ask them to do (i.e. not the opposite action) is out. Last player wins.