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White Paper: How Often Is Your Contact Centre the Cause of Inbound Customer Contacts?

Today’s customer expects a lot for their loyalty. Reactive customer service is therefore yesterday’s game plan. This white paper looks at how you can readjust your ambitions and strategy and embark on a journey of working smarter not harder. White […]

Four Areas Contact Centre Decision Makers Need to Know

Dick Bourke reveals the results of a recent survey which highlights four areas that contact centre decision makers need to know.  Call centre executives and QA managers are faced with challenges that demand both immediate and long-term attention to improve […]

Deadline to Enter ECCCSAs 2017 Looming

The nomination window for the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSAs) closes this Friday, 28 July. Organisers have reinforced the message that there will be no extension to the closing date, and they encourage anyone intending to submit […]

Typical Roles in a Call Centre

This page has call centre job descriptions and positions available. It also includes agent and team leader job descriptions and their duties.

White Paper: The 2017 Ultimate Compliance eBook for Debt Collection and Recovery Contact Centres

Want to know how to risk-proof your contact centre and avoid hefty fines for non-compliance? This guide will help you understand how interaction analytics can provide an innovation edge against compliance violations and help you reduce the risk of fines. […]

Next Webinars in the Series

The first webinars in our Autumn 2017 series are now open for registration. Our webinars will be back as normal on Thursday 14th September – after the summer break. See what we’ve got in store… Webinar: 7 Ideas to Improve […]

White Paper: 4 Key Factors That Define a True Unified Agent Desktop

The agent desktop plays a crucial part in customer service. However, the required functionality has dramatically changed over the past decade. In this white paper mplsystems has summarised 4 key factors that they believe define a true unified desktop. White […]

Not Everyone Makes a Great Customer – Infographic

Customers: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Let me set the scene. It’s 1966 in a Clint Eastwood movie where the two of you meet eye to eye in front of a saloon. The tension rises, you want to […]

How to Make Loyalty Easy

Taking care of your best customers is an age-old concept. It has lasted all these years because it works. Loyalty programs are one of many ways you can do this for these top priority people. When it comes to loyalty […]

How Useful Is Customer Satisfaction as a Measure?

Research by the UK’s Institute of Customer Service (ICS) involving 10,000 consumers has found that Aldi has overtaken Marks & Spencer and Waitrose as the top UK supermarket for customer satisfaction. The results are part of a study the ICS […]

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