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5 Reasons to Automate Holiday Approval

Scheduling annual leave in the contact centre can be tricky. Balancing demand and supply, meeting service levels, letting agents enjoy their time off and even leave time to enjoy your own – is a complex process. But we all need […]

It’s Time to Stop Treating People Like Machines

Reg Dutton, of Evaluagent, discusses how humans are the key differentiatior in customer service, highlighting the importance of treating the team well. “That’s right, treat agents as intelligent, self-determining individuals with a desire to increase their knowledge and improve their […]

Puzzels Celebrates its First Birthday

This time last year, Intelecom combined its contact centre, interactive mobile messaging and payments divisions to create a new organisation called Puzzel. The number of agents on the Puzzel platform is at an all-time high and the company now employs […]

Increasing a Bank’s Customer Engagement from the Contact Centre

Gracie Arnold, of Enghouse Interactive, explains how trust, communication and consistency are key to increasing a bank’s customer engagement.  While each bank may offer different financial products that set them apart from other regional locations and megabanks, the ability to […]

Using Speech Analytics to Minimise Dead Air

Lee Mostari, of Ember Services, discusses how speech analytics can help to uncover, and be part of the solution to lower, dead air in the contact centre. In my experience, when contact centres get a bad rep, it’s because customers […]

How to Use Interaction Analytics to Deliver Value to Your Business

Think about how your contact centre is viewed by the wider business. Is it seen as a cost or profit centre? If it’s the first, it’s highly likely the pivotal role of the contact centre hasn’t been recognised by senior […]

How to GDPR-Proof Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Chris Stainthorpe, of CustomerSure, discusses how GDPR will impact on the way ccontact centres gather customer feedback. If you’re doing business in Europe, you’ve probably caught wind of a major new piece of legislation, the GDPR, landing on the 25th May […]

Finding the Perfect Balance of AI and Agent-Assisted Service

Susannah Richardson, of mplsystems, discusses how contact centres can strike the perfect balance between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the human workforce. While there isn’t a specific threshold for “too much” or “too little” AI, every organisation should take great care […]

Enghouse Interactive Helps GCI Deliver Omni-Channel Capability

Enghouse Interactive have announced that gold partner, GCI, has implemented the Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre Service Provider (CCSP) solution. In adopting CCSP, GCI has become one of the first providers in the UK to integrate the omni-channel contact centre option […]

5 Service Expectations That Brands Aren’t Meeting

Today’s consumer has become more demanding. They not only want high-quality products, but they also expect high-quality customer service. However, new research has revealed that under-investment in contact centre infastructure is harming customer service. NewVoiceMedia recently partnered with the market […]

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