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7 recruitment mistakes you might be making

The cost of getting recruitment wrong isn’t a pretty sight. It absorbs money, wastes time, drains morale, affects productivity, damages your reputation, and, well, quite frankly, it’s just a pain in the rear end for everyone involved. 

No-one wants

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How to reduce contact centre turnover

Employee turnover is a notoriously costly problem in all businesses, but there’s no point beating around the bush, the contact centre industry’s got a bit of a reputation for it.

Studies show that co…

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Best excuses for not attending an interview

You received a CV that tickled your fancy, you reached out to the candidate and invited them in for an interview, they gladly accepted, and you bid farewell full of hope.

Then, on the day, you open a…

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The most popular degrees in the UK - and why

When it comes to deciding which degree to take, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. Interestingly though, the most popular choices aren’t always the most employable.

According to Study in UK, the eight …

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Dress down vs workwear: which is best?

The old ‘what to wear to work’ debate has been around since what feels like the start of time, but the answer’s still not set in stone. And probably never will be. The reason being, every business has…

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Commuting to work - how much is too much?

“I can’t wait for tomorrow morning’s commute.” - said no-one, ever.

Commuting to work is no-one’s idea of fun. But, unfortunately, unless you’re one of the rare few who’ve landed a decent job around…

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