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• 8 Reasons why your CV may be rejected


8 Reasons why your CV may be rejected

First impressions count, especially with a CV, especially in the highly competitive contact centre market. When your CV is in front of a hiring manager or recruiter, it will typically get between 10 and 30 seconds of ‘air time’ to impress, so don’t …

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Dress to Impress!

Well its not always easy to know what is appropriate attire for an interview? Some companies are positively ‘put off’ by a suit, but others feel it’s an absolute necessity... so what’s the answer?

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7 impressive questions to ask in an interview

Interviews shouldn’t just be one sided, it should be a two-way street, not an interrogation with a positive outcome for both parties. Asking questions of your potential employer shows that you are …

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Excite & Delight

Interviewing is a 2 way street, the candidate has to perform so you choose them, however, you too have to perform so they choose you - in some circles there seems to be the (outdated) school of though…

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Boring, uninspiring interviewing

You must stand out if you want to attract talent, first impressions really do count and in a candidate and talent short market don’t spoil your chances of attracting the best by adopting an uninspirin…

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