May 2021 Recruitment Market Snapshot



May 2021 Recruitment Market Snapshot

The upturn in demand is the quickest rate seen for 23 years!


  • According to the latest employment figures from the REC and ONS: The latest data for vacancies shows a record high since the start of the pandemic, with 211,000 new job adverts at the end of April followed by 181,000 new job adverts posted in the first week of May, giving a total of 1.53 million active job adverts in the UK.


  • All sectors and regions saw a month-on-month increase in vacancies but following on from our recent posts around Frontline Recruitment ‘Hotspots’ for contact centre vacancies – the recent numbers released from indicate the ‘Hotspots’ remain highest in the East Midlands region: “East Midlands saw the greatest month-on-month increase in vacancies, up 161%”


Commenting on the latest results, Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, said:

“… The jobs market is improving at one of the fastest rates we have ever seen, and that’s great news. We are bouncing back from a record low – and many people are still struggling – but the data shows that job creation is firing back again.  This month’s numbers for permanent hiring are the best we have seen since 1997. Temporary hiring has chalked up its ninth straight month of growth, demonstrating how important temporary agency work is to getting families and businesses back on their feet.”