Recruitment 2021 – Do your stakeholders understand the current challenges?

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Recruitment 2021 – Do your stakeholders understand the current challenges?

Are your business leaders and senior stakeholders aware of the rapid changes and current challenges that recruitment is currently experiencing? For many businesses our experience would suggest not, with quotes like “this is the process we have always adopted, these are the salaries we have always paid, we don’t have a WFH policy and are not looking to adopt one” to name but a few! We’ve all witnessed the headlines with shortages of many workers across multiple industries, well it’s happening across the board and contact centres are no exception.

Do one thing before 2021 ends and review and assess your recruitment processes. If you don’t, one thing is for certain, you are going to be frustrated and disappointed.

We’ve all witnessed the headlines with shortages of many workers across multiple industries, well it’s happening across the board and contact centres are no exception.

At Cactus we have been recruiting into the Contact Centre industry for over 18 years. We have experienced many changes over the years and have always kept our clients and candidates in the forefront of those changes as we have experienced them.

The current climate, is however, like none other we have ever faced – we are experiencing a multitude of challenges, including:

  • Candidates being offered multiple interviews with multiple employers
  • Multiple Job offers being received
  • Unprecedented counter offers from existing employers
  • Interview and assessment processes taking too long and not fit for purpose
  • No-shows at interviews (at all salary levels)
  • Salaries and benefits not in line with market conditions
  • Huge drop out rates at all stages
  • Demands for flexible and hybrid working conditions

Many of our clients are losing out and frustrations are at an all-time high.

We appreciate that it’s not always easy to change the way in which we approach things, especially if that’s the way we have been used to doing them and previously those processes have worked well. Often the larger the organisation, the harder it can be to instigate change, but the reality is that in this current market, if you want to attract and retain talent then you need to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success. Here are some of our top suggestions that could help in the quest for talent:

  • Know who your competition for talent is and their associated pay, benefits and working policies
  • Ensure you really are an employer of choice in your industry and location
  • Where possible offer a flexible work pattern with a good focus on work / life balance
  • Ensure your recruitment candidate journey is an excellent one and the candidate is inspired to work for you
  • Ensure that you manage candidates though an interview process quickly and efficiently
  • Make quick hiring decisions in order that you maintain candidate interest and don’t lose out
  • Ensure your senior business stakeholders understand the current market challenges

None of this is new and as a recruitment specialist we have always been advocates of the above and if as business hirers you can implement the above then you are on track! You will hire the talent you require, and you will stand the best chance of retaining them too! But if you can put your hand on your heart and identify areas that may need improving or developing then don’t delay, make it an absolute priority.

Cactus has never experienced market conditions like it and it’s times like these that require radical action in order to retain your position as an employer of choice. We are here to offer recruitment support, but also market intel. If you are looking for any guidance or assistance then please contact us, we are always here, happy to help!

Francesca Randle – Director Cactus Search
07768 360887 Recruitment