The Video Interview Trap



The Video Interview Trap

It may sound obvious but it can be far too easy to fall into the video interview trap of being far too relaxed and not actually preparing for what could be the most important 30 minutes of your life this week!

Here are some tips to help you on the way:

Prepare – those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail and preparation could not be more important before a video interview. The interviewer will have been online, will have reviewed your linked in, looked at your recommendations (given and received) and will have read through the posts you have put out – they may well have stalked your Instagram and Facebook accounts as well! So, you need to ensure you’ve at least done the same!

Dress – dress as if you were going to an interview because, well, you are – it’s an interview! The only difference is you may well be wearing your slippers rather than a new pair of shoes (but who is to know that!)

First Impressions count – no second chances, first impressions count for so much and those impressions are even more important on video. Make sure the lighting is good, make sure your tech works, ensure you are in a position in your house where WIFI signal is strongest.

Technology - If you are using your phone, DON’T hold it in your hand, the slightest move will show the other end and how do you gesture with your hands when you are holding the camera? If you aren’t using an iPad or laptop, fix your phone on a stand so it doesn’t move.

Background – do consider the background behind you, make sure it’s appropriate and if not, use one of the many filters Zoom or Teams or similar provides

Noise – if there are other people in the house, ensure you are in a separate room from them. The last thing your interviewer wants to hear is your teenage children on Fortnite!


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