The whole team are fantastic. Guy has helped me with my own job search as well as provided fantastic candidates to help fill vacancies that I have been looking to recruit. The team are always available to support you in your job search!!!

I recently worked with Guy on a new role Cactus Search had. At every stage of the process Guy was incredibly invested in supporting my application. He was well informed, transparent and supportive which ultimately led to helping me get a role I really wanted. I would highly recommend Cactus to both candidates and prospective employers within the Contact Center/Operations industry.

I have worked with Guy at Cactus for over 10 years as both a client and a candidate. The service has always been excellent. Cactus are real experts and capable of finding really great candidates at all levels in any sector. Guy manages the recruitment process with absolute professionalism, ensuring an efficient, high quality experience for Hiring Managers and candidates. I recommend Guy and his team without hesitation. Brilliant service!

I only have only a positive feedback regarding this agency in general and Kelly B specifically. Many Thanks for helping me find my dream job! 5 Stars all the way!

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Matt at Cactus Search. From the outset, Matt has been friendly and helpful in my job search. Keen not to just match client availability to open vacancies, Matt takes a personal and professional, consultative approach. Matching your skill set and career aspirations to the relevant roles, Matt listens to what you are looking for and passes on advice from his tenure in recruitment and the BPO industry. With lots of feedback on the current industry marketplace and with suggestions of how your CV, online profile and interview approach could be aligned with the current climate, his input is second to none throughout the whole interview to on boarding process. Could not recommend highly enough.


I have had the pleasure of working with Matt at Cactus over the years and he has sourced and placed me with some amazing roles. Throughout the process he has been professional, supportive and encouraging. He has recently found me a super role at a very difficult economic time with a great result. He stands out with his industry knowledge and ability to pull out and match skill sets. Employers have also always been very positive about their own experience. Thank you Matt and Cactus!

I've known the Cactus team and Guy in particular for a number of years. They have helped me source talent for my teams over this time and more recently, were instrumental in my move to a senior position for a leading BPO business. They work in a extrememly fast paced challenging industry but still manage to maintain the person touch. Highly recommended.

Application process ran smoothly. I was assisted by Kelly and Josh, both were very helpful and peofessional!
Highly recommended!

Having worked with several recruitment agencies where they see all candidates as just £ signs, Becky and the Cactus team were absolutely brilliant. Becky took the time to get to know me and was always available on the end of the phone with updates on my progress in securing my new role. The whole process was so easy, I highly recommend Becky and the team if you want a great personal experience with people who actually genuinely have your best interests at heart

I only have such a positive feedback for the Cactus agency, such a professional agency, They are always available and very flexible. I feel very taking care of. In particular Josh is amazing doing his job, he is always ready to help and sort out any type of issue. I cannot be happier with them.

I have been fortunate to have partnered with Cactus twice, first with Becky and now with Guy. On both occasions I knew exactly what was happening at each stage. Communication is proactive and couldn't be clearer. They helped guide me and gave me as much insight into the process and people I would be speaking to every chance they got. I have dealt with many recruiters throughout my career and would recommend Cactus as the best around.

Cactus Search responded to my job application the very next day and after giving me a lot of information about the company they put forward my CV to the hiring manager for the company I now work for. The experience from start to finish was extremely professional and also enjoyable, there was no stress and they made me feel at ease and stayed in communication throughout the process. My consultant even contacted me a few days after I got the job to wish me well which was a nice touch. It was an excellent experience and I'd highly recommend them if you're looking for a new job.

Matt at Cactus Search was brilliant. I had held a position with the same company for 19 years and although I had a position of authority I was really nervous and apprehensive about being interviewed and doing a presentation on Zoom. Matt kept in touch with me every day giving advise and tips along the way and made himself available to me 27/7. My process was a long one and Matt kept me informed at all times. I would highly recommend Cactus search and Matt in particular. He also arranged for his MD to contact me when he was on annual leave. Excellent service and I know that Matt and Cactus Search assisted with me securing a position I am really excited about.

Cactus has supplied us with amazing, game changing candidates. They are truly a partner to be trusted. We get nothing but the best, from Business Manager, to Sales Director, to Telemarketers and Team Leaders. They really listen, understand and occasionally challenge. Highly recommended.

There are many recruitment companies out there, but few can demonstrate the level of care and professionalism that Cactus Search do. Guy runs a great team and I have spoken to a number of them over the years, all of whom were responsive and treated me like an individual. My most regular dealings have been with Matt Affron who has always gone above and beyond for me, shown genuine care and interest, and offered great advice and support. I can’t recommend Matt or Cactus too highly.

Kelly is a perfect example of everything a good recruiter should be. From the moment she first contacted me about a potential new position she has been absolutely fantastic, striking the difficult balance between professionalism, pro-activeness and enthusiasm with seemingly consummate ease. Kelly has been a pleasure to do business with and has always taken the time to message and/or talk with me about the progress of my application, both in terms of required feedback and to regularly offer her services to ask if I required any additional assistance. In short, I cannot recommend Kelly highly enough, both as a highly skilled recruiter and, perhaps even more importantly, as a wonderful person. Thank you Kelly!

Whilst facing redundancy, I was approached by Kelly Bristow advising she was looking Managers for a large company and my skills matched the role. Through out the whole process Kelly keep me updated, feedback consistently regarding next steps and the company's personal feedback for myself. She made me feel confident, comfortable and prepared for my interview. Amazing news! I got the job! After 15 years and 3 months of working in Energy, I got a job outside of my industry that suits my skills, experience and ticks all the boxes in what I was looking for in an employer. This is all thanks to Kelly, she worked on behalf of the company and myself, ensuring we were a right fit for each other. This to me is a fantastic skill of this recruitment company. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for their next chapter. Thank you Kelly

I highly recommend Kelly and her team, looking for a new role is daunting and even more so during a pandemic. Kelly and her team took the time to support me and guide me which was brilliant. Thanks Kelly

I have known and worked with Cactus Search for over 10 years, both as a client and as a candidate so my experience covers both sides. The team at Cactus Search are the one of the best recruitment agencies I have interacted with. They are open, honest and operate differently to other recruitment agencies.

I must call out Jo who is fantastic at her job. She treats people like individuals and not as their CVs or as a commission. Thank you for your support.

I would and will use Cactus Search again for my recruitment needs.

I only have such a positive feedback for the Cactus agency, such a professional agency, They are always available and very flexible. I feel very taking care of. In particular Josh is amazing doing his job, he is always ready to help and sort out any type of issue. I cannot be happier with them.

Really fortunate to have been connected with Cactus Search. The recruitment manager were so profesional, helpful and supported throughout. Very thoughtful and excellent profesionalism displayed. Deifnitely will support and recommend Cactus Search to everyone looking to be successful for any roles that you aspire!

Matt was very helpful and prompt at responding to queries. New position is thanks to Him. Keep up the good work. Thanks

They really are amazing. Nice quality service. After I have applied they came back to with a quick telephone interview nicely introducing the client and from there everything went smooth. I love my my job and again the service has been excellent.

Had a positive experience with Josh.

Really great proactive service received. Communicated with more than one member of staff, and service was professionally-amazing.

Great People, helped get work in 48 hours

Over this last challenging year I spoke to many at Cactus and from the start they were always professional, upbeat and did their absolute best to help progress things when applying for roles. Jo Cook I can’t recommend personally enough after helping me along with my search and am now sitting in my chosen career role with a major company. Thanks again!

There are many recruitment companies out there, but few can demonstrate the level of care and professionalism that Cactus Search do. Guy runs a great team and I have spoken to a number of them over the years, all of whom were responsive and treated me like an individual. My most regular dealings have been with Matt Affron who has always gone above and beyond for me, shown genuine care and interest, and offered great advice and support. I can’t recommend Matt or Cactus too highly.

Cactus has supplied us with amazing, game changing candidates. They are truly a partner to be trusted. We get nothing but the best, from Business Manager, to Sales Director, to Telemarketers and Team Leaders. They really listen, understand and occasionally challenge. Highly recommended.

Cactus Search responded to my job application the very next day and after giving me a lot of information about the company they put forward my CV to the hiring manager for the company I now work for. The experience from start to finish was extremely professional and also enjoyable, there was no stress and they made me feel at ease and stayed in communication throughout the process. My consultant even contacted me a few days after I got the job to wish me well which was a nice touch. It was an excellent experience and I'd highly recommend them if you're looking for a new job.

I’ve recently been placed into a new job through Cactus. Throughout the process I was impressed with the level of responsiveness and openness from Cactus, who kept me informed, updated and engaged.

Cactus have a great wealth of experience and knowledge, and clearly invest time in understanding the role, the hiring business and are therefore able to identify and select the best candidates.

I have been fortunate to have partnered with Cactus twice, first with Becky and now with Guy. On both occasions I knew exactly what was happening at each stage. Communication is proactive and couldn't be clearer. They helped guide me and gave me as much insight into the process and people I would be speaking to every chance they got. I have dealt with many recruiters throughout my career and would recommend Cactus as the best around.

The job you placed me in is extremely busy and rewarding. Thank you It seems as though I and NatWest team couldn’t be happier with how the team are coming on and the delivery improvements already delivered. So thank you Guy, both professionally and personally - it’s just fab! 

“Having worked with several recruitment agencies where they see all candidates as just £ signs, Becky and the Cactus team were absolutely brilliant. Becky took  the time to get to know me and was always available on the end of the phone with updates on my progress in securing my new role. 

The whole process was so easy, I highly recommend Becky and the team if you want a great personal experience with people who actually genuinely have your best interests at heart”

"I have been fortunate to have partnered with Cactus twice, first with Becky and now with Guy. On both occasions I knew exactly what was happening at each stage. Communication is proactive and couldn't be clearer. They helped guide me and gave me as much insight into the process and people I would be speaking to every chance they got. I have dealt with many recruiters throughout my career and would recommend Cactus as the best around."

Once underway the process moved very quickly. Guy helped enormously all the way through the process, quick to answer any questions whilst also providing support material that allowed me to focus effectively on the interview process. Even after an offer was accepted Guy was still there as much needed calming influence, thanks so much!

One of the most professional, caring and understanding recruitment team l have had the pleasure of interacting with, at a very stressful time, when you are told you are being made redundant. Their professionalism, help and support was second to none in helping me secure my next role. Many thanks to both Guy, Josh and the whole team at Cactus. Genuinely many thanks

I've had the pleasure of landing my new role through Guy at Cactus search!  The communications were fantastic, he kept me updated throughout the whole process.  It was a wonderful experience and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to other candidates

I can’t thank Kelly enough for her help and support throughout the process. Very efficient and professional and honest. I can’t wait to start my role and can’t thank her enough!

I’m very happy with my experience, especially with Becky, I felt respected and supported throughout the entire process. Great personal approach, quick replies and encouragement. I told Becky as well that I think many agencies can take an example of this. She picked me from a sea of candidates and managed to make a true match between her client and me. She has set me up with an opportunity to build a career and with that she ensured I will never forget about Becky Dovey for the rest of my life. Thank you to Becky and the team at Cactus, keep doing what you do! Also loved the handwritten card!

It is very rare that I come across great service, especially being a keen customer experience advocate! When I first spoke with Josh, he was perfect from that start, kept to his promises and deadlines! He facilitated everything to the point that I’m still in disbelief I am shortly starting a new role! He was polite, friendly, warm, professional, encouraging, reassuring... I couldn’t have asked for better! I spoke so highly of him, I couldn’t wait to recommend him to friends and colleagues! He really is an asset to your company!

Josh was helpful and friendly from the beginning to the end of our communication. He explained me everything about the role with detail and in a simple way. He was consistent and kept his word about everything, calling me even before my interview to make sure I had understood everything and had no questions. He was patient enough to explain to me some things about the taxes that I did not know, as this is my first job in the UK. Overall, I am left with a positive vibe for him and Cactus and I would be more than happy to work with you again in the future.

I found Guy to be very easy to talk with, get hold of and really appreciate the way he kept me fully informed at each stage of the process with Motability. He responds almost immediately to any call/email I make and is very direct and transparent in his communication. I have no constructive feedback - the whole process from application to offer was 15 days and I think that is a career record for me!. Highly recommend Guy for all of his input and efforts. A1. 

I would like to convey the wonderful experience I have had with the service provided by Nicki at Cactus. I have always felt well supported, trusted and that my best interests were at the fore. Nicki took ownership and responsibility for finding me an interview appropriate to my skills and desires. I always felt that any issues I may have, I would be able to call to discuss to settle my mind. Nicki called me prior to the interview to chat about things, ensure I was calm and allow me to ask any further questions. I then spoke with Nicki following the interview to discuss how I felt it had been. Overall, my experience with Nicki, and Cactus, has been exceptional. I have always felt valued and I would not have found a job without her so quickly. 

Kelly was very proactive in this campaign in identifying a suitable candidate and kept me informed of the beginning steps. Kelly had provided me with all the relevant information and once a telephone interview had been confirmed verbally, she had always followed that up with an email and a calendar invitation. Kelly was also successful in negotiating my preferred salary with the company in a short space of time, which I was happy about. All in all, I am very happy with my recent experience with Kelly.

Matt has been the most honest, helpful and straight forward recruiter I have worked with in a long time! - Looking for a new role can be really stressful but Matt made the whole experience extremely easy! From the start of the process Matt was friendly and always approachable no matter how many questions i had. Matt used his knowledge of the Contact Centre industry to help understood my experience and exactly what role I was looking for. Matt always went way beyond his remit to help me during the entire recruitment process and helped me secure a role which was perfect for me. I'd highly recommend Matt & Cactus to anyone either looking for a new role or a business who are after the best talent! 

I have received brilliant service from Nicki at Cactus. Friendly and professional, I was put at ease from the first phonecall and have been in close contact ever since to ensure I have all the necessary information and I am up to date with any updates.

I found Sam's input and proactive approach in securing this post for me exemplary. The whole process from interview to offer took five working days. I know that the immediate and positive liaison between myself and the company I interviewed for resulted from the professional and capable monitoring by Sam. Sam/Cactus restored my faith in recruitment agencies. I would be pleased to recommend Sam/Cactus to anyone in my "network" without reservation.

Becky was very professional and thorough. I was kept up to date with my application progress and was pleased when I was given the position. I would recommend Becky and Cactus to my colleagues. 

Kelly has helped me with my new job. It has been a pleasure to work with Kelly. Right from the start she has been friendly and very professional. I have been kept up to date and well informed throughout the whole process, and after dealing with several recruitment agencies recently, I can say that Kelly beats everyone else hands down. A great asset to Cactus. I am now looking forward to starting my new role next week.

Becky is very approachable and has been keeping me in the loop regarding updates on the role. I have had no issues dealing with Becky, I found her pleasant and professional. I even got a congratulations card from her and the team once i secured the role which I did not expect. She contacted me on a regular basis via email, phone and text. Becky is an asset to your team. 

Becky was amazing and so efficient to work with whilst going through the application, interview and acceptance stage. If I had any questions she was able to find out and come back to me with an answer quickly. I received a congratulations card from Becky and the team on my new role and it was such a nice touch. Please thank her from me for her hard work on supporting me on securing the new role. 

First class is the best and most appropriate description Jo was very supportive throughout the whole process  especially at the beginning when I was poorly and couldnt attend the interview twice! Jo kept me Informed throughout the whole process and her communication was excellent both verbally and on email. She advised me days she was working and gave me an alternative when she was on leave which was also a nice touch. All in all like I say first class and a real pleasure to deal with, I would have no hesitation in recommending both Jo and cactus and a recruiter of choice 

Working with Becky has been short and sweet, which is how I’d love every connection with any recruitment / management consultant to be. We first connected on 19th December 2019 and spoke about the role. Given the festive period through to today, 16th January 2020, Becky has kept me fully informed and supported me in successfully securing this role in less than a few weeks. She is straight talking and I really appreciated the advice she gave me as I had two other roles to consider before accepting this one. Thank you Becky!

I have nothing but praise for Guy. He has been extremely supportive and efficient throughout the whole process, the right mix of friendly yet professional.

My experience with Kelly Bristow has been perfect. Kelly was informative, helpful and always available for me if I had any questions. I'd like thank Kelly and Catctus for all the help received in finding my new job role.

I would like to comment on how professional Sam Oakey has been, since I applied for the job, with his dedication and efficiently to providing answers to my questions, liaising with myself and the management team to keep the communication flowing and professional at all times. I found Sam easy to talk too, he always contacted me via text or telephone, asking how my interview went etc. Sam is a credit to your company, and I wish him and your team all the success in the future. I am looking forward to starting my new job.

I have found my experience with Matt to be very good, he kept me informed throughout the process. I'm very happy in my new role.

I would highly recommend Cactus and particularly Becky who helped significantly throughout my recent job search when I unexpectedly found myself redundant. Becky reached out to me after securing interest in my CV and kept in close contact throughout the process. Her professionalism not only gave me confidence, it also eased the pressure during what can be a stressful time, all while knowing that I had an advocate on my side.  I look forward to working with Becky in the future now as a hiring manager!

Becky was a joy to work with from start to finish. I hadn't applied for a job or had an interview for 18 years. Becky was brilliant at every stage and it felt like I was her only client every time I spoke to her, she was that good. I was kept constantly updated and felt really supported all the way through. Becky made what could potentially have been a really stressful time for me into a pleasure. You have a real diamond there.

This is my second time being redundant but this time I feel reassured because I am walking out of one role into a new one. Leigh has been really amazing. I have dealt with recruiters before but he was by far the most professional. He took everything at my pase and didn't push. When I was going to the interview, he called me the day before to see if I was ok with everything and called again after the interview. He really was in constant communication with me. Very patient and really gave me that extra care - because people being made redundant sometime they do not have that confidence they had before. But Leigh really did build my confidence and results; I got the role. It really was a pleasure to have him as my recruiter. If you do awards Emma, I really think Leigh deserves it.

Josh has been exceptional. He's was both professional and personal. He is a credit to your company. He's an outstanding recruitment consultant.

Kelly has been great, really efficient in following up with me and texting to remind on the day over interviewing. Very courteous and professional with a friendly approach.

Jo has been amazing from start to finish. She was on the phone/email checking in every step of the way throughout my interview process. She put me at ease. This was my first external interview in 14 years so Jo really made this process as smooth as possible. Jo put me in the best possible frame of mind and I generally believe because of her support I was successful. A big five star rating 😊

I'm happy to provide feedback on Jo I found her to be super friendly right from the start and great at keeping me informed on how I was progressing with the role. Very prompt, professional but genuinely warm and friendly throughout.

Kelly was great, she was straightforward and direct. I was so surprised with how quick she managed to turn the vacancy over and to get feedback - It was so nice to have that experience as most agencies take so long to get back and other don't even call back. Am so happy and such a great experience would recommend anytime. 

Kelly has been amazing from start to finish. Kelly contacted me within the hour of me submitting my CV for this role & continued to check in after each interview stage which i thought was so considerate and engaging. I was offered help throughout the interview process which made me feel reassured in case i did have any questions. I hope that all employees at Cactus resemble Kellys professionalism, politeness & helpfulness. Thank you once again

On this and previous occasions I have dealt with Nicki she has been very supportive, helpful and went above and beyond for me. She always kept in contact through the entire process and made me feel as if she truly wanted nothing then for me to land the position. I have nothing but good words to say about Nicki and I would recommend not only Cactus but Nicki herself as well. She's has been and absolute pleasure to talk to and throughout all the recruitment firms I have dealt with (and there has been a fair few) she and yourselves have been the only ones who actually seem to care.

Matt was always prompt and really helpful with any communications. I had everything I needed to feel confident about going into my interviews. We had quite a quick turnaround and I had an interview and second interview and offer within 2 days. My experience with Matt and Cactus has been just fab.

Matt has been excellent to deal with. To be honest, my whole experience of dealing with Cactus and Matt throughout this process has been fantastic and I would highly recommend Cactus to anyone.

I was really pleased with the service I received from Kelly, not only because she helped me get the new role but because she went out of her way, even taking time on her day off to get things done and keep me in the loop. I think she is an outstanding recruitment consultant who listens to applicants and I am so grateful for what she has done for me.

Josh's work was amazing, it's the first time I have seen someone so caring about the employee, it was part of the reason I applied for the role. His service is amazing, he was even looking for accommodation, helping me with all the research.

Josh was really friendly and supportive, nice to talk to and get feedback from.

Feedback is extremely important, Josh has been very informative about the role also very honest, this for me are the two main areas that I look at considering a new position. Josh kept me informed at all stages of the meeting and interview, and gave me feedback. I felt confident through Josh and that followed through with the position.

She has been so amazing, it was so quick from first point of contact. Very professional and helpful. I like that she messaged in the morning and was very friendly on the phone! This is the second job cactus have got me and I cannot fault it. 

Excellent & professional service.

Kelly was really good. Clear communication and good, quick response times to all correspondence.

Kelly has been fabulous! She contacted me to see if I was interested and then was extremely efficient in arranging an interview for me. There have been times when we have missed each other’s calls which is understandable, but she kept me up to date with everything via voicemails, texts and emails. I couldn’t have asked for more! Very happy indeed.

Becky is an absolute asset to Cactus. I felt that Becky understood how candidates feel and the anxiety that job hunting and applications can cause. Because of my experience with with Becky, I will highly recommend Cactus as a recruitment agency and partner in the future.

My feedback is nothing but overwhelmingly positive. Guy was patient, focused, open and honest, insightful at all times. And where there wasn’t a wealth of information he kept me updated as best he could and / or provided the context to ensure the ball kept rolling.

Massive thanks to Matthew for his support throughout the process with regards to my application. Matthew kept me informed of next steps etc.  and updated me at all stages throughout.

Cactus have been great and Guy has kept me up to date with communication all the way through the process. His approach was friendly and welcoming and I would have no hesitation of recommending you to friends and family in the future.

Kelly and Becky were fantastic, they kept me updated throughout the whole process and Kelly even let me know when she was going on annual leave before passing my details over to Becky. The congratulations card from the team was a lovely touch too.

Firstly Jo was nothing short of amazing! Always there for all my questions and totally reassuring the whole way, genuinely couldn’t have asked for any more help. Thank you for all the help it is greatly appreciated.

Nicki was extremely helpful from the very first contact I had with her. She was very friendly and made me feel very at ease throughout the whole process of applying for the role with Mice and Dice.

On several occasions she contacted me outside of her normal working hours to help prep me for the interview and even contacted me after the interview to see how I thought it went. She was professional, reassuring and honest with me throughout.

I’ve had bad experiences with previous Recruitment companies as they’ve failed to disclose certain details about roles being advertised and I’ve felt in the past very much “just another customer” but with Nicki, I felt like she really cared about my needs and opinions and overall she was a lovely person to deal with.

The whole experience has been great. Matt has been so helpful, he has called and emailed me throughout the whole process. I have to say that the interview process can be daunting but Matt and Cactus have made things a lot easier to prepare for. I am very much looking forward to starting my new role tomorrow.

Josh was really helpful and professional in his dealings with myself, so a big thanks to him.

Matt was exceptionally helpful and easy to work with. He also trusted me enough to get on with things, when other agencies have hounded me relentlessly. He provided me with some invaluable feedback from my first interview which I have no doubt helped me secure the role.

I have known Jo for 10 years and over that time, she has remained a fantastic and dedicated recruiter. She cares so much about getting it right, not just for the client but also her candidates. In what can be a commission driven environment, Jo is a breath of fresh air and so good at what she does.

Kelly was lovely and very understanding that I couldn't always be available on the phone. She was down to earth and very helpful - and above all else was very efficient in communicating between both parties. Was a joy dealing with her.

Francesca was wonderful - I would probably have never applied for the role if I hadn't spoken to her. 

Thank you for your email, Joe was very helpful and very efficient with answering any questions I had also he was very understanding with the situation I was in regarding my role with not being able to have a interview during the day.

It has been a pleasure working with Kelly throughout the recruitment process. She's professional, kept me informed throughout the process and provided some very positive insight that assisted with my decision to accept the offer. Kudos to Kelly on a job well done!

I was delighted and felt honoured when Becky called me early July with the opportunity as the timing was perfect. Having built a great relationship with Cactus over the years I immediately knew that the opportunity would be bona fide. Becky was patient and didn’t push at all and once I committed to the process she was excellent - extremely professional but at the same time extending the personal touch with a sense of humour. As it was a long process - 3 F2F sessions- I was kept up to date regularly and all arrangements went swimmingly well. To receive the offer from Guy in Beckys absence was a great feeling and perhaps the key reason I stay loyal to Cactus when seeking new opportunities - you and the team have it spot on - market awareness, great clients and candidates and the personal touch

Matt has been nothing but amazing!!! Every time I talk to him it’s like talking to my brother! He’s so kind yet serious and he explained ever detail where I had no questions to ask him. Even on his day off the man was trying to work around me which showed me how much he cared! He calls me regularly to ensure I’m okay with the role and understand it fully. If I have any questions I felt comfortable to call or email him knowing I’ll get a response within hours. After my experience with Matt I would 100% work with this company and Matt again if I needed to. Give the dude a pay rise!!!

My experience with Josh and Cactus overall was excellent. A top class communication and to the point. No time wasting and a fantastic result. A great job done!

The work Joe did was great, he called me, interviewed me, told me about the role and set the interview up for me in a matter of hours. He sent me all the information I needed for the interview. Joe followed up with me before and after the interview. He also called me the following day to let me know of any updates. Overall, working with Joe was great, he was very helpful and involved. Thank you for the giant pen, it was a big hit in the training room.

Thanks a million to Matt and the team at Cactus who have been brilliant in getting me my next career move. A fantastic bespoke tailored service to your individual needs and requirements and highly recommended to all seeking their next career move.

From the start Matthew was professional and approachable. He always kept me updated on the progression of the interview process and was honest with me about the salary expectations as mine where always higher than the offered salary. I think it will be a good fit for me with good chance of advancements and I would recommend Cactus Search to anyone looking for similar work. 

Thank you very much. Josh was wonderful. He always made sure to keep me updated on what was going on every step of the way and helped me in every way possible. I’ve always been reluctant to finding a job with an agency in the past as I have always been told bad things by colleagues. But working with cactus has been a pleasure at it was so stress free and speedy throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend josh and cactus to other people!

Kelly has been fantastic in supporting me to my new role. She found my profile on LinkedIn and politely initiated contact with me. She has kept her promises and promptly answered all my queries. She is a great communicator and provided me with all the required information and forms in a timely manner. She has been brilliant and I cannot ask for any more from her.

Kelly has been great throughout always keeping me informed and always available to take a call. The recruitment process was quick and straightforward. Very impressed with the service.

My experience with Josh was very good. Josh has always been very professional, helpful and supportive. I am very happy with your services.

can only give positive feedback on Jo, she has been great since I first applied for the role. She has constantly ensured I was kept up to date and went out of her way to help arrange my 2nd interview even though she was out of the office. It has been a very good experience working with her.

Cactus have a good range of jobs specifically in the Contact Centre industry which is great for someone like myself who doesn't want to wade through all the general websites hunting for CC roles. The website is one of the easier ones to use and very user friendly. My first point of reference when looking for roles would be with Cactus.

Guy is very knowledgeable, and helpful. When he spoke to me about the role, I was ready to turn it down as I was already in a post and didn’t want to let down my current employers who had some specific deadlines coming up. He talked me through the pros and cons of staying put or going for the new role. I ended up applying for the new role and getting the position which is a good move for me. He is straight talking, but professional and communicates well.

I have to say, my experience with Kelly has been nothing short of delightful! 

More specifically, Kelly has been nothing but honest with me from the outset with the role(s) we were discussing with the company, and as a result has been a delight to work with, I was very sceptical on initially discussing the role with Kelly, as I had already been informed of other roles within the business which had aspects that I was not keen to sign up to. However, Kelly clearly communicated the role specs to me, as well as chased to clarify some aspects on my behalf, showing that the initial role I was being directed to was not the role I had concerns over. 

On completing my first two interviews, I found the people I was meeting were not as expected, and the experience was not what I anticipated at all, all positive things. However, I was then provided with an update from Kelly, stating that the role was filled, however, my details had been passed onto another department. This being the department I had concerns over, I expressed this with Kelly, who kindly did a lot of chasing, and back and forth work between myself and her contact to answer my questions and put my mind at rest. 

Her patience, understanding, realistic take on the recruitment process from the potential employees perspective, along with her attention to detail and ability to communicate as an equal has resulted in me going for three interviews (albeit not all formal) with a company that I was absolutely sceptical about, being offered a position for me to decline on the initial, followed by further communication between Kelly and the contact (at their prompt) to get me one last conversation with the hiring manager, leading to my mind being put at rest with my concerns and doubts quelled, and me accepting the offer. 

Kelly is genuinely an asset to your company, and understanding she is relatively new to the role, likely to go far with your industry should she choose. I can confidently say, I would happily deal with her again in the event I look for new opportunities, although admittedly, I don’t intend on that being any time soon!

Sam was extremely helpful in helping me feel comfortable and informed around this job and interview. The quick responses and high level of contact/detail was something that I had not experienced with other recruitment companies. This was of great benefit to me, especially as I currently live in Wales and the job is in Manchester. Cactus was by far the best recruitment organisation that had contacted me, and I can't thank both Sam and Nicki enough for their help.

I’ve been really impressed by Kelly’s work from start to finish on this. She contacted me within a few hours of me submitting my application for a quick initial discussion, and obviously moved quickly - by the end of the day she’d passed on my details and arranged for an interview the following day. Kelly gave me some very useful interview tips to help me prepare, and then followed up immediately after the scheduled interview time to check how things had gone. After she notified me that I’d been successful and got the job, she then kept me updated on the progress around the handover (if that’s the right term) - keeping me up to date with what was happening behind the scenes with the company's HR team since it did take a few days for the offer letter to come over from them. At every step of the way she was professional and organised but also friendly and encouraging. 

Cactus in general I’ve also been impressed - you obviously have a great team in place. I had a similarly positive experience with your colleague Becky Dovey around six months ago, who shepherded me all the way through an application process as far as getting me to interview stage, which I then felt I had to withdraw from for my own reasons. (I still feel bad about that, given the work that Becky had obviously done on my behalf.) Finally, thanks to all of the team for the card - that was genuinely touching. 

Kelly was thorough in our initial conversation, ensuring the job description matched my skills and experience. She kept me updated throughout and always in a timely manner.

My experience with Josh and Cactus was very positive. Josh was very helpful he explained the role and interview process really well and was always available on immediate or short notice. It has been a very good experience working with him and Cactus. As far as I am concerned Josh and Cactus scored a 10.

Matthew was great - he communicated well with me throughout the whole process and had a really friendly and relaxed style which worked for me! I would definitely recommend Matthew and Cactus!

In short.....what a star! Clear concise presentation of the role with prompt action taken to present my profile to client. Josh was consistent in facilitating the recruitment stages between parties and always delivered every expectation he set. Most importantly he made me feel like a valuable and worthy candidate to Cactus. Josh is top of my Xmas list this year.

I have to say that Matthew has been great so far. I had a number of other opportunities on the boil and Matthew helped by keeping me up to date with all the information I needed as soon as he had it.

Joe was amazing, he kept me on file after I turned down an opportunity that he had previously. He called me proactively at just the right time, as my thoughts were turning to a new opportunity. It was complicated with me working away, and with the company rearranging a few times but Joe kept me informed every step of the way. I felt he was very supportive, and gave me all the information I needed to really throw myself at the role. He was great to work with and can't say enough good things about him. I look forward to starting my new role. Thanks Joe, and thanks cactus.

Becky was great, super efficient, great comms, really warm and friendly and she got me a job quicker than any of my London agencies. Would highly recommend and the team card was a lovely touch!

Becky was lovely. She contacted me on her day off to ask how the interview went, she also chased them for a response on her day off as well. Genuinely amazing and a credit to the company. Whilst I am sure commission is a huge factor for all consultants, nor do I blame them, a lot don't actually really give you the time of day but Becky did.

I would like to thank Cactus and Matt for the great support and quick turn around in finding my next step in my career. Throughout the process Matt has been very supportive and approachable which made the decision so much easier. From the very first call Matt has been very informative and has advised me very honestly and professionally. Matt has been very patient and a good rapport was built pretty easily. Cactus as a whole has been a pleasure to work with and i hope to work together at some point in the near future through my new employers. Thank you and great service and work. Alone we can make a difference but together we can make a change!! Great work all.

I would say Kelly has been very professional throughout this employment process, she stay'd in touch and kept me informed. When she promised me a call back, I will get the phone call from herself unlike other agencies I dealt with within the last few months. Cactus to me is a very good recruitment company and keep their clients up to date with all the progress either is good news or bad news. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cactus for finding me a perfect role. 

I can't say enough how great Becky has been. She has communicated frequently throughout the entire process and was very supportive. I would definitely recommend Cactus, and specifically Becky, to anyone!

Matt was very helpful and supportive and to be quite honest the best Recruiter I have worked with. I initially applied for a role which he felt I was overqualified for; so he sent my CV for another role. He contacted me with the Interview details and even “prepped” together. We also spoke after and he was in touch during the whole process. Even when I wanted to turn down the offer due to work arrangements, he went all out in getting me suitable and flexible working hours. He is very easy to talk to and a very great listener, always helpful and ready to help. I really do appreciate his help during this process as well as my very big pen.

Over the last few months I have worked closely with a number of recruiters trying to secure a role perfect for me, my personality and skill set. I can honestly say working with you has been flawless, not only have you been extremely personable and friendly, but you have kept me updated throughout the process being positive and informative, even during the hiccup with the role being there and then it disappearing, you reached out to other businesses in the BPO sector that you have as clients. You didn’t need to do that and I will not forget the effort you went to through all this process. I can safely say that your nature, personality, expertise and approach have been exceptional and I will be completing a LinkedIn recommendation to share my feedback with all my contacts. On a side note the little personal touches like the congrats card and big pen were lovely.

No issues with Matthew or Cactus during the recruitment process – all communications received as promised.  It also helped that Matthew had placed my new boss in his role so knew exactly what they were looking for and had a good understanding of the client etc!  It was nice to receive a card from all the team as well so thank you to Matthew and everyone at Cactus.

As i said to Becky, I keep thinking il wake up soon! Becky phoned me a few days after I had applied for the position, she was friendly on the phone mentioned that although I don’t have the exact experience I have very similar experience and we both agreed it could be a great match if the company are willing to interview me. A few days passed and I received an email from Becky asking if I could complete some tests online which I did and Becky arranged a telephone interview which lead to the face to face which lead to the job. I have nothing but good things to say about Becky and the process, we even made contact on Becky’s day off so she could update me as I was dying to find out anything lol. Oh, and I also received a congratulations card through the post :)

My experience with Guy was great. He was particularly good at keeping me updated, even if it was just a quick call to say that things were progressing, which I really appreciated. All of my questions were answered within a matter of minutes, and the answers were all very clear and direct. He was very approachable from start to finish and seemed like a friendly genuine guy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cactus to my friends and colleagues, and actually I have done so already.

As the placement was successful I could be accused of being obviously biased, but I really am overly impressed with Guy, Cactus Search and the process we went through. The hiring company moved at quite a fast pace and Guy was on top of this the whole time. His communication was impeccable and there was never a time where I was left wondering what's happening next. It was refreshing to have the feeling that a recruiter was genuinely invested in a candidates (my) needs and well being. It was just great working with Guy, he's a professional, an expert, a gentleman, a great ambassador for Cactus Search, fun to work with and as we're in the same industry I'm looking forward to working with him again. Great job to all of you. You put faith back into the whole recruitment market!

Cactus were very good in communicating with me and I felt well prepared for the interview.

In regards to Joe I found him very pro-active, supportive in my application and always available and willing to answer any questions I had. He talked me through the role and Interview process and kept me up to date throughout. He even managed my final offer of the role whilst he was on holiday just before Christmas in Malta. Overall I thought the service he provided was excellent and supported a successful application.

My experience with Becky has been awesome. She conducted herself very well from the first day we spoke on the phone to the point of getting the job, with a high level of professionalism displayed. In addition, she was excellent with communication of updates with regards to the interview process and the result afterwards. She has also acted as a good liaison in this transitioning period of getting the job and starting the job. Overall, I can confidently say I am impressed with her and feel she has represented the company in a professional way.

Joe was professional, he kept me up to date as things progressed, provided all information required and seemed genuinely invested in helping me secure the role. I’d never heard of Cactus before but would definitely recommend them as an agency. The Congratulations card was a very nice touch too.

Well wow, what can I say about Jo.  She is awesome!  Jo put me forward for a role in a different industry focusing on my transferable skills, this was a great move.  Although I haven't started at the company yet, I have met the team a couple of times now and can see that it is definitely where I want to be.  I can't thank Jo enough for that.  She was even calling and messaging just after her new baby arrived, to check all was okay and that I was happy. She is a fabulous member of your team and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a role.  Jo builds strong and fast relationships which lead to great placements. Top job!

I was really quite impressed with Matt's professionalism. He was always courteous and prompt with calls and communications, and could not have done anything further to enhance the experience.

Things couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Josh was a great support and kept me well informed. 

This was the first time dealing with Cactus and I can only describe as a pleasant experience, Francesca was very helpful, understanding, not pushy in her approach and kept me informed at each stage of the process.

Francesca has been really helpful and encouraging during the full application process, in particular at identifying the potential match of past experiences with the role requirement and encouraged my application. She has always provided very comprehensive details on what is expected in the interview process and the supporting materials to help me prepare. The call with Francesca is always very upbeat and I felt very positive with the interview. Cactus also appears to be very minded about their applicants and are willing to give extra help on progressing their careers. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Francesca was brilliant from start to finish. I initially applied for a different role but was not happy with the salary. Francesca questioned me about my previous experience and talked me through a different role that was available and secured me an interview. After the second interview, the employer advised that they were seeing other candidates and would be in touch in a week. After discussing the interview with me, Francesca called them back and secured me an offer that day! She was just great. I'd also like to add that Nicki was very supportive and offered to read and check my presentation slides when I submitted them. I've been really happy with the service I've received from Cactus.

The process from start to finish with Francesca was nothing short of perfect. The warm feeling she gives through her emails and the high level of detail and information is something I haven’t experienced before when dealing with recruitment agencies. All in all the frequent updates keeping me in the loop at each stage puts Cactus head and shoulders above any recruitment agency I’ve dealt with in the past. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues moving forward. Thank you for the opportunity.

I have nothing but praise and compliments for Joe. He is the only recruitment agent I have dealt with (ever) who made me feel like I was a person rather than potential commission! He was friendly, professional and honest. When my particular offer went slightly awry he kept me updated and was always prepared to give me time to consider my options. I will have no hesitation in recommending cactus to friends and family when looking for their next adventure. And when it’s the right time for me I will certainly be giving you a call. Thank you to all at cactus but also to Joe for making my job search a little less daunting and stressful. Great job guys!

I don't have a bad word to say about Josh. Very supportive during the whole process and kept me well informed.


Becky was great in providing me additional info about the role and the company in general. Quick and professional in all her email and telephony contact, I especially appreciated the efforts she went to after the job had been accepted. The company's HR were a little sluggish in getting the contracts sent out, Becky helped that all get sorted and has allowed me to hit the ground running this week. I only really had contact with Becky, but she has reflected well on Cactus as a whole.

Matt is great to work with, he is clear with the role descriptions, will honestly advise if the role fits the experience, and will always keep you informed throughout the selection process. He's very supportive and made a real effort in connecting with me.

I can say that since coming into contact with Jo when I first applied for a role is that she has been very supportive and that the role I have got was one that she found and recommended to me. I am very thankful for everything Jo and Cactus have done in helping me secure employment.

Matt was great at outlining the role, and setting out what to expect. Following my interview, Matt was great at finding out the interview feedback and liaising when the offer had been made. His communications were always clear and returned my calls when he said he would. So overall, I would say that Matt did a great job.

Sam was extremely efficient in explaining the role, the company, the salary, what to expect, there wasn't a single detail that he missed out, he built rapport with me, the conversations were professional, we had a laugh on a few occasions, he made me comfortable and gained my trust from start to finish, he was easy to contact as he always kept me updated and never went cold unlike some agencies out there. Overall I am very pleased with the way Sam helped me get this job. He's truly exceptional at what he does, in general just a great guy, you've got a real gem there, hold onto him as he could work anywhere and deliver results.

I have worked with Cactus on a couple of occasions before this one. It is always a pleasure to work with Cactus and the professionalism and the quality is unbeatable. Matt is an absolute Diamond.

I couldn’t of been happier with my experience. I genuinely felt like nothing was too much for Jo. Very attentive and met expectations with contact, interview set up and after interview also. I was recommended to use Cactus because of your experience within a contact centre recruitment sector and you lived up to the recommendation! In my next move I’d definitely go to Cactus first. Please pass on my many thanks to Jo. She was amazing! 

Experience of Cactus and specifically Becky has, so far been excellent. Becky has kept in close contact throughout which is not always the case with others.  

I was very happy working with Joe. He was very professional, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommended him and Cactus as a result.

I would like to thank any persons affiliated in the process of my employment searches. Everyone I have spoken with at Cactus has been very friendly, direct and positive. I have had a few shall we say, less than productive experiences with previous agencies, so was a very pleasant surprise that the experience with yourselves at Cactus was a professional and productive one. I would also like to extend a personal thanks to Nicki Brace who did a wonderful job at providing me with all the necessary information and communication throughout the whole process. A no nonsense, company with a great approach to candidates that put such individuals first.

My experience with Cactus has been outstanding. Jo and Francesca have been extremely supportive the full journey. At first I was a little wary going through a recruitment agency as I have previously worked along a 3rd party for my current workplace regarding our temps and the experience had not been smooth for our advisors. But I must say that Jo has definitely changed my opinion in dealing with recruiters, so much so I have recommended using Cactus for future vacancies with my new employer. Jo was quick and efficient and clear with her communication.

Josh was fantastic and I would highly recommend him. Thanks for helping me Josh, you really found me the perfect role.

Josh contacted me after seeing my cv online. He was very polite and friendly. After arranging a meeting i was offered a job which i was thrilled about as I've just taken redundancy after 18 years. Josh also reassured me about my interview as I was very nervous as I had not attended interviews for a long time. 

The whole experience, from start to finish, has been fantastic. Matthew is genuinely interested in his candidates/customers and this comes through in his personal approach. His negotiation skills are very good too, which were evident when securing my desired salary. I have always been kept in the loop and up-to-date with any developments, even contacting me whilst he was on annual leave, which was above and beyond my expectations. A very personal approach, whilst always remaining professional. There is genuinely, nothing that I would change about this experience. A credit to himself and your company.

Sam is a star he helped me all the way from receiving my CV to my interview. I appreciate how he spoke to me the day before the interview just to go over any questions and also on the actual day he sent me a message wishing me goodluck. 100% amazing agency never known an agency to take so much time out. He really kept my spirit up and was really motivating and made me feel sooo relaxed from the first day we spoke and before the interview a very big thank you. You need more people like him and he is 100% representing cactus.

Initially Leigh contacted me, he was absolutely lovely, very polite and straight to the point. He sent me all the details I needed. Nicki then contacted me due to Leighs paternity leave (congrats!). 

I’d like to give huge praise to Nicki, she first contacted me to let me know about Leigh and that she would be making herself an expert on the job description and taking on feedback from the other interviews and telling me how she thought I should prepare and approach the day. She stuck to her word every time she said she would call, she was honest and so friendly. I truly believe I wouldn’t have got the job if I didn’t get advice from her, she calmed my nerves right down and couldn’t have been more helpful. I’ve had the worst few months and getting this job is a turning point for me and I would just really like to thank Cactus but I’d love Nicki to get some form or praise or reward as I can’t give her a hug myself!

All in all a very quick process, Josh was polite, confident, professional and it all went well. Happy days. 

Josh has been great and nothing is ever too much trouble. Very responsive to emails and very helpful! Really great! 


Leigh was polite and helpful whenever he spoke to myself. He made sure all the information i had was correct. Also text messaging me on the day of the interview. When he said he will call me back he made sure he did.

Guy was great. He is always cheerful and enthusiastic and always kept me up to date. It's one of the best experiences I've had with a recruitment agency. Guy treated me as I want an agency to treat candidates when I'm recruiting for vacancies in the future. I look forward to a long relationship with Cactus and Guy as I continue to develop my interim career.

I couldn’t ask for more from Guy. The process wasn’t a quick turn around, due to redundancy processes, yet Guy kept in touch every step of the way. At no point did I have to contact Guy for an update as he provided an outstanding service, being patient and understanding of my situation as well. I have already recommended him to a friend. 10 out of 10

My experience has been nothing but positive dealing with Cactus and Matthew. Matthews been very informative and helpful. He was a pleasure to work with and very clear, concise and thorough throughout the process from start to finish. I would like to say a massive thank you to both Cactus and Matthew for assisting me with my new career.

My whole experience with Leigh first all has been fantastic, the whole process of receiving a call regarding my application I was told in detail about the role and was able to respond back in confidence and without being pressured. I was also kept in contact on the status of my application and would recommend anyone wanting a job role to speak to Leigh and/or Cactus.

I’d like to say Cactus and Leigh in particular have been very prompt and professional with my application from start to finish, helping me go through some interview prep and being in contact with myself every step of the way including before and after interview and job offer! Overall a fantastic journey.

I would like to say Becky is an absolute star. She has been there throughout the process for me from the first initial contact till the interview and is still making sure I’ve settled in okay. She has gone above and beyond to help me and placing me in my new role. You should be really proud of having a wonderful person like Becky on your team. She really makes a difference. I would recommend cactus to any of my friends who would like to look for work moving forward.

My experience with Josh was nothing but amazing! I found Josh to be very friendly and he was precise when calling me back. I honestly think it’s was down to his sheer professionalism & proactive approach that I managed to get the position - he most definitely succeeded where many other recruitment agents fails. I’m sure he’s an asset to your company and please thank him again on my behalf.

Leigh is fantastic, he talked me through the job in detail and called me the day before my interview to make sure everything was okay. It was lovely to receive a card also when I had got the job. Massive thumbs up from me! 

Becky kept me well informed throughout the whole process and even contacted me on her day off. She clearly loves what she does by her enthusiasm and dedication. She is a lovely person, who spent time to build report with me. From my experience, not many recruitment agencies make time for candidates and this is what makes Becky an asset to your company. I would highly recommend Cactus, especially Becky to anyone.

Joe has been very helpful and has never missed a call without calling back. He was incredible all through, and I am very grateful to him and Cactus.

My experience was good. Guy was really engaging and responsive to any questions that I had. He negotiated on my behalf very successfully and I can't fault any of the interactions that we had. We communicated regularly and I've already recommended Cactus to my colleagues that are currently looking for new roles.

Guy and cactus overall have been extremely supportive throughout my job search. Guy especially has helped me from day one and has been great at following up,  supporting me throughout the whole process.  I didn't expect the level of engagement especially keeping my families needs at the forefront and Guy did that for me which I am totally grateful for. If I had to rate out of 10 I would give 10. 

I cannot praise Matthew enough, not only for his communication and sincerity but for convincing me to attend the interview despite already being offered a job elsewhere. Matthew is exceptionally approachable, supportive, reassuring and a genuinely kind person. He is a credit to your organisation and I hope that within my new role, should we need to recruit within the future, that Matthew is still there to help us achieve this. I can honestly say, after going back into the job search front, cactus and Matthew have outshone all other recruitment agencies I’ve dealt with. 

Guy has been fantastic! He’s kept me in the loop with everything I needed to know, and caught up with me each time I had an interview. He’s has a really friendly and engaging approach and each interaction was great.

Jo has kept me up to date with everything, and even sometimes just to confirm nothing had happened which in a way is just as important when you are waiting. I was well prepared and given everything that I needed, including Jo’s experiences with the hirer which helped a lot. It allowed me to know my audience and prepare better. We stayed in touch throughout the process and before interviews and between us, gave ourselves the best chance of being successful. It felt like a team approach rather than an individual one.

I have great respect for Guy and his knowledge of the market and the roles involved. I doubt any other headhunter would have matched me to this opportunity. It has been a great relationship. Guy has stayed with me while a couple of opportunities have gone quiet and finally end up on this very different opportunity. I hope Guy and I will remain in contact as I enjoy our conversations too.

Chris has been fantastic throughout my application process. He has remained in constant contact, making the process smooth and has put me to ease on any concerns I may have had. If I have to apply for another job again I would not hesitate to use Cactus again and in fact have recommended a friend to use the service.

Jo has been fantastic all the way through. I really enjoyed working with her and with Cactus in general. Jo is a lovely person with a great personality. The communication with her was very good. It was refreshing to work with Jo and with Cactus and for that I'm grateful. I would like to thank the whole Cactus team for the lovely card I received last week. Very nice touch guys. Keep up the good work.

From the moment I applied for the role to the call giving me the good news that I had been successful, Matthew has been excellent. He has kept me informed every step of the way. Quick to return calls and emails Matthew has been prompt and efficient.

I’ve found my experience with Cactus great, can’t fault it. Joe kept me updated with every step and even when the process was taking longer than they advised he explained why. Overall, really good and would recommend Cactus! 

I’ve worked with a lot of recruiters over the years, either as a client or a partner and Guy was head and shoulders above anyone else I have dealt with. Professional but also a pleasure to talk to, he never missed a scheduled call with me and kept me updated throughout what was a lengthy process. I genuinely felt throughout the experience that he was looking after my interests, something you don’t always get. As a result I have recommended Cactus to others seeking new roles and will continue to do so due to my experiences.

This was the most effortless and seamless recruitment process I have ever been through. Guy was supportive, personable and communicative at all times, making it much more of a recruitment experience and not a sterile process.

Matthew has been absolutely fantastic! He was so friendly and explained everything to me each step of the way. Over the last couple of weeks I have built up a great rapport with him, he has been an excellent recruiter and I am so happy as to have spoken with him.

Joe has been great in supporting me with finding a suitable role. This started by him proactively contacting me for the very start, with the opportunity advertised by Bower. Joe has followed up well with me throughout the process to date and it comes across as though he’s done the best he can, in both mine and Bowers interests.

'10/10 all round' From initial contact Matthew has been very focused in helping me secure this position. Unlike a lot of other companies I've recently dealt with, Matthew and Cactus have been great at communicating and keeping in touch with me, ensuring that I've been fully prepared for each stage of the recruitment process. Very quick to respond and help me with the vetting process. Overall I could not have asked for any better support from Matthew and Cactus and in the recruitment world this really is a refreshing change. I will be recommending Cactus to my many friends in the industry purely off the back of the service and support I have received from Matthew. Overall it's been a pleasure working with Matthew and Cactus and he's a real credit to your Company.

Thank you so much for your support and looking for the right job for me. Leigh has been a super star, he is an asset to your business cactus his support as been amazing he has been keeping me updated with my journey to look for the right job for me. 

'Communication' Great updates and constant communication.

Leigh was really supportive and friendly. He always had the correct information for me and was always on hand if I had any questions.

My experience with Cactus was exceptional. Their dedication and skill to match me to a suitable role was commendable. All the while ensuring I was informed, supported and successful. 

Trusted Customer
'Highly recommended' Guy has been great from start to finish and has been excellent with his communication at all times.

'Top service' 
Guy kept me fully informed regarding the hiring process, returned my calls promptly and was very encouraging throughout the whole process. 

'Very helpful and great services' 
Matt had an important part in my success of obtaining this job. From the beginning he was concerned about possible difficulties that could diminish my chances and he instructed me how to handle them in a successful way. He was there for all the steps providing important tips. It is important to have someone near you when finding a new job and especially with Matt's positive attitude regarding my fitness for this position. Thank you Matt and Cactus Search :)

'I've got my perfect job!!!' Really great experience from start to finish. Matthew made a very stressful and lengthy process very smooth. I would recommend using Cactus whether your looking for a new opportunity or you have a vacancy to fill!

They always kept me updated

It was a pleasure working with Jo to secure this role, she was very supportive during the process,
regular communication and clear on expectations and requirements. She gave sound advise and is a real asset to your business. I could not give a more positive review of how she performed her role.

Awesome! Throughout the communication was prompt, clear and timely. Both Guy and Jo were fantastic, encouraging and warm. A fabulous team.

Reliable, Friendly and Professional.

Trusted Customer
The representive I dealt with, Joe, was fantastic, down to earth and was very understanding and you were able to have open honest conversations which was exactly what you need and not feel pressured into decisions.

Recommended 10/10. Excellent customer service and communication.

'Excellent' My experience with cactus was amazing, Leigh made everything so simple and straight forward. 
I'm glad I applied for a job through them.

Trusted Customer
Very Interpersonal & Helpful.

'Great team lead brilliantly by Guy' I primarily worked through Guy Masters and he was superb in looking for and creating the right opportunities for me to explore. However, the rest of the team also were very proactive and I would definitely recommend the team to other people that I talk to.

'Excellent Service, Joe is a legend' 
Joe Wrenn was excellent, even taking time on his day off to make contact. The transaction was easy and the communications were maintained at a constructive rate.

Trusted Customer
Excellent communication and service.

'Amazing Recruitment Company!!!'
What a friendly and professional company!! Thanks to Guy who boosted my confidence after being made redundant. Guy made me feel like I belonged in the company I was interviewing for, always kept me updated and even dropped me a little text to say “good luck” on the day of interview! Fantastic! You couldn't ask for better customer service. Thanks Guy to you and your team.

'Easy, class and all round stress free' Leigh was a absolute star!! Helped me from start to finish. 
Many thanks!!

Leigh made the process easy and straightforward. He was reliable about calling with updates when he said he would.

Trusted Customer
'Helpful, friendly and professional' 
Great support offered throughout the process. Always kept me up to date and was available to answer any questions that I had.

'Great service!' 
A very friendly and fast process from learning of vacancy to being offered role. I was very impressed! I was called back as promised and was dealt with in a very friendly and helpful manner. Highly recommend.

Trusted Customer
'My experience was ridiculous!' 
Applied in the morning, was telephone interviewed in the afternoon and found out my start date before 5pm. Friendly, professional and clearly passionate about what they do. Thanks.

'Friendly service' Leigh contacted me straight away and was professional, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. The process was smooth and easy, overall a very enjoyable experience. Leigh is a champion.

'Guy & Nicki' Nicki & Guy were absolutely amazing, really amazing people who represent your company really well. Very supporting.

Trusted Customer
'Very good' Very fast, supportive and good candidates.

'Really went above and beyond, Thank you' I can not thank Nicki enough for all the hard work that she has put in to securing me the interview and the additional support that I received to make sure that I was fully prepared. Nicki really went above and beyond keeping me updated throughout the whole process and was an absolute delight to communicate with. I know that I must have been one of the most difficult people to get hold
of but Nicki really had the patience of a Saint! I know I have said this before but I can not thank you enough you really have helped me to find my dream Job.

'Fantastic' I found my whole experience with Cactus flawless. Nicki was amazing from start to finish. She was personable whilst always professional and filled me with the confidence I needed which ultimately resulted in me landing the job after an assement day. I would happily recommend her to anyone looking
for their ideal role. Lovely lady. Thank you.

'Excellent service and support' Amazing service from Nicki Brace. It has been great experience.

Great service and regular updates.

Trusted Customer
'Easy to talk to' Easy to talk to on the roles and good feedback and hints on progressing through the process.

Brilliant service from Matthew, it's been a wonderful experience.

Trusted Customer
'Always my first port of call!' Everyone I've ever spoken with at Cactus over the last 10 years is helpful, professional and knows their stuff. They contact me if they have something that might be interesting, or to keep me posted, and get the balance between summary and detail spot on. Whether for a new role for me or for a role I'm looking to fill, they treat me like a real person and not just a CV or Role requirement on an email somewhere!

'Absolute pleasure' I have had the pleasure of working with Cactus Search as both a client and a candidate. The team are extremely personable; they are incredibly well connected and know their profession and subject matters inside out. As a candidate, I would absolutely recommend Cactus Search to anyone looking to make that next step in their career. As a client, their excellent communication, integrity, efficiency, and sense of humour
has not gone unnoticed. They’ll be my first call next time I'm in the market without a doubt.

Great service, good people.

'Brilliant experience, Nicki was amazing!' I cannot praise Cactus Search enough, in particularly Nicki for all the help and support she gave me whilst I was applying for a role as a Team Leader. From the initial call in which she spent time going through the position and the application, to the "good luck!" texts followed by a much appreciated "well done!" she was brilliant! She was very down to earth, explained everything really well and so supportive. She made the whole experience a pleasure (when job hunting this isn't usually the case!) From the employer's side - at my interview, the interviewer said she enjoyed working alongside Cactus Search so a "win win" for both parties. Highly recommended!